Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Adventure #1,642: Death by Floyd (feat. Marshall)

Brad: So you like ducks?
Marshall: I do
Marshall: braag gorff
Brad: I have force fed you ducks. You have leveled up
Marshall: :D
Marshall: head north
Brad: To the north is a vast industrial complex, the hazy sky obscuring y our view of the sun, and freeom
Marshall: what is freeom?
Brad: Freedom isn't free. or containing Ds.
Marshall: Head south
Brad: To the South is Old Kentucky Shark's Field of Waffleplants. You encounter Floyd the barber, sitting on a stump, chewing on a torn piece of the canadian flag.
Brad: At his feet is a pile of marbles
Marshall: ask Floyd for a hair cut
Brad: Floyd, suffering from extreme age and "the tremblins" severs your head with his trimmin saw.
Brad: You have died of Floydation.
Brad: Final score 14.
Marshall: : \
Brad: them's the breaks, kid
Marshall: least i didn't pay for the haircut
Brad: you paid with your life
Brad: double burn
Marshall: I got a good deal
Brad: You look fantastic without your head
Marshall: thank you!
Marshall: I mean, ack gargle
Brad: Yes.