Thursday, May 27, 2010

Announcing the Snuggler

Shay: hi Brad, how are you doing?
Brad: Oh, doin fine.
Brad: Everytime I see the class "smuggler" anywhere in this game I fight the urge to rename it to "snuggler"
Shay: haha
Shay: oh so you just announced that there's a Smuggler class
Shay: sweet, I'm just gonna email kotaku about that real fast
Brad: That was already announced
Shay: no, you just announced it
Shay: [If I get you to go google for "Smuggler announced", I earn 5 points]
Shay: [If I get you to email the PR department saying "oh crap I think I may have screwed up", I get 25 points]
Brad: 5 points towards what exactly?
Shay: towards my own enjoyment of my life.
Shay: do you remember honkfishing?
Brad: Yes, I do
Shay: I would set off my car alarm remotely when someone was walking past it in the parking lot
Shay: If I got someone to actually jump and startle, I got 20 points
Shay: if someone completely ignored it, I got -5 points
Shay: if someone looked straight towards the office window and gave me the finger, I got -20 points... Billy S. caused me to lose those 20 points once
Shay: and if the victim was a hot realtor chick, I got a x2 modifier!
Brad: Again, towards what end?
Brad: I think your habit of arbitrarily awarding yourself "points" is a indicator of a deep-seated need to "program" your own life, somehow realizing a self determined destiny.
Shay: I like making games, and playing games
Shay: everyone makes games though
Brad: Not everyone
Shay: when they're children they do. when they grow up they die inside.
Brad: I don't think so
Shay: "Okay you're the robber and I'm the cop, but this is the jail here, but that's RobberLand over in Mrs. McCreedy's yard and that's the safe zone for you..."
Brad: Who is Mrs. McCreedy?
Shay: she had good cookies.
Brad: she sounds like a predator
Shay: well, she was a raptor actually.
Shay: but still... good cookies
Brad: Does she lure the children there with candies and gifts?
Shay: raptor gifts
Shay: mostly eggs
Brad: Raptors in the Kitchen - best band name ever
Brad: from Jurassic park
Shay: good one
Brad: Also, Tractordactyl
Shay: if you and I ever start a game company together, it will be Tractordactyl Games.
Brad: I can see the logo now
Shay: I see it too.
Shay: the logo will be a radish.
Brad: You are looking the wrong way
Brad: Also get out of my mind.
Shay: sorry, I'm radishhungry.
Brad: Is that like rabies, or the zombie?

[At this point Shay's mouth opened slightly and uttered a syllable that sounded like "wha". This was followed by his head exploding, leaving the conversation unfinished.]