Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Shay: so I have a question for you
Shay: did you actually have chicken pot pie on Monday?
Shay: and also, why did you choose to post on facebook about it out of the blue? and also, how friggin weird is it that we were having chicken pot pie as well? :O
Shay: you creep me out sometimes with your psychic nature
Shay: and your drinking of tapioca-flavored human blood
Shay: but mostly the chicken pot pie stuff
Brad: Shay, if I told you, you wouldn't be able to handle it
Brad: no
Shay: ;_;
Shay: so how you doing? can we bring you guys some meals? and see teh bebe?
Brad: yessir!
Shay: yay!
Shay: it will be chicken pot pie with a blood tapioca dessert, of course
Brad: Bloodpioca
Brad: So but seriously, you don't know how it is I can psychically discern when you're eating chicken pot pie?
Brad: Tell me your feelings when you read my post, and realized I knew what you were eating, as if I was eating it with you.
Shay: in my head, that musical sting from Inception played, several times in a row - BWOOOOWWWWWWW.... BWOWWWWWW
Brad: yesssss.
Shay: it was like the twist ending of a M. Night Shyamalyan movie... "HE KNEW YOU WERE EATING CHICKEN POT PIE ALL ALONG"
Brad: I imagined also a nice focus pull
Shay: exactly, like in Vertigo
Brad: yep
Shay: we could do this for 2 hours... just an opening scene of us eating chicken pot pie, then we put our dishes away, I look at Facebook and see your post, and then these effects for the remaining 110 minutes of screen time:
Shay: my mind being blown
Shay: the camera zooming in from across the room into my retina
Shay: and then a cut to you outside our window, grinning maniacally and eating chicken pot pie
Shay: laughing with the crumbs in your mouth
Brad: it's what I do
Brad: I love it when your programmer mind is stumped by my right brained whimsy.
Shay: so my guess is that it was all coincidence and randomness.
Shay: but I know that now you have this over me you'll never reveal the truth.
Shay: and I can accept and respect that. it's the right move in fact.
Shay: my left brain will have to rest without having this puzzle solved, somehow, and just go back to throbbing.
Brad: Your m... no, too easy.
Shay: dang it
Brad: Truthfully it was all a coincidence, that I leveraged into your paranoia.
Shay: you're good at that
Brad: ...
Brad: unless it wasn't
Shay: :O
Shay: so speaking of which, I've been a bit obsessed with magicians and con artists, lately
Brad: That's interesting
Brad: Mm pizza
Shay: nice guess but I'm not eating pizza
Brad: Neither am I
Brad: I just like it
Shay: it is good
Shay: hmm
Brad: You know, the day I posted about potpie. I had a strange urge to post that and didn't know why
Brad: now I do... it is my destiny to mess with you
Shay: don't tell me that man
Shay: that's happening again
Shay: I don't have time for all these bwows happening to me
Shay: man
Brad: It's true. I have a psychic link to your eating habits
Brad: Or to all chicken pot pies, one of the two
Shay: actually, I think the meal Laura was planning to make for y'all was pizza
Brad: see?
Shay: so you're creeping me out again
Brad: I knew pizza was in your future
Shay: although now I think that you already heard that from Katie talking to Laura and then you, and you're trying to mess with my head again
Brad: no, actually, I didn't
Shay: stop that!
Shay: >:-|
Brad: well, you're not alone
Brad: kate hates when I guess things too
Brad: take your dog outside
Shay: I'm not at home
Shay: nice try though
Brad: It's not a perfect science
Brad: What if you heighten my psychic ability to the point of superpower? But you get no noticable effect from interacting with me other than being slightly annoyed?
Shay: are you suggesting that I'm heightening your ability in this way right now, through trial and error?
Brad: I knew you were going to ask that
Shay: okay, then. Think of a card, right now
Shay: let me know when you have it in mind
Shay: any card
Brad: Nvidia
Shay: okay any card that would come in a deck of playing cards
Brad: Oh
Brad: Joker
Shay: just tell me when you think of it, don't tell me what it is
Shay: okay that's what I was going to guess, but you weren't supposed to say it.
Shay: pick another one
Shay: tell me when you have it
Brad: instruction card
Shay: ...
Shay: okay that was my second guess but YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL ME WHAT IT IS
Brad: I think I have proven my point.