Thursday, July 15, 2010

Non-Chigger Bugs

Brad: I solved my lightsaber switch problem
Shay: what was the problem?
Brad: there wasn't a switch.
Shay: haha
Shay: that is a problem
Shay: sometimes I think that, in game development, we shouldn't have both task management software and a bug tracker
Shay: we should just have a bug tracker... and one top-priority bug that is, "Game doesn't work."
Brad: I once added "Marshall must wash brad's truck" to the deliverables list to be submitted to the publisher
Brad: it got approved and sent back
Brad: Marshall never did wash my truck
Shay: haha
Shay: I once opened a bug that said: "BUILD ME AN ARMY WORTHY OF MORDOR", and assigned it to Seth.
Brad: bwaha
Shay: Oh, and after Star Wars: Episode 2 came out, I opened a bug titled "C-3P0 Doesn't Remember the Homestead"
Brad: Hahaha
Shay: Details: "In Episode II, we see C-3PO at the Lars Family homestead on Tatooine. In Episode IV he returns to it and seems to have no memory of it. You need to resolve this." Assigned to Seth.
Shay: There was a lot of discussion and theorizing on the bug.
Shay: 2 years later, after Episode III came out and they wiped C-3P0's memory at the end of it, I closed the bug.
Brad: What were the repro steps?
Shay: 1. watch episode II; 2. watch episode IV; 3. ???; 4. profit!
Shay: there may have been a step missing there.
Brad: The step where Lucas goes slowly insane for Ewoks?
Shay: heh

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out of honks [feat. Marshall]

Brad: It is.... friday. Did you get your chicken wings?
Brad: They had a trough of them here at work.
Brad: Prolly a thousand wings. To eat.
Marshall: no. I had chipotle with the boss instead
Brad: Bruce Springsteen?
Marshall: that would have been cool
Marshall: Except I'd be buggin him the whole time to sing me some "BORNNNN IN THE USAAAA"
Marshall: and while he was doin that I'd go through his stuff
Brad: You'd think eventually he'd just not be able to anymore.
Marshall: yeah I think that happens to all of us
Brad: Much like the horn in my truck stopped working. It was just... out of honks after 10 years.
Marshall: haha
Marshall: you spent em all
Marshall: I'm savin mine
Brad: They're an investment
Brad: I need to buy more honks.
Marshall: hahah
Brad: Act now while there's still time, 100 honks for you and friends!
Marshall Womack: i hate acting
Brad: Acting?
Brad: Like, in a play?
Brad: or like "I didn't just eat the last pile of spaghetti"
Marshall: yes.
Marshall: no.
Marshall: you've asked me to "act now"
Marshall: and I wont
Brad: Oh
Brad: You're trying to beat me at my own literal game. Touche.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Shay: of course guys at work have just been doing this using lego pieces
Shay: they have a nice Shy Guy from SMB2, and a little Mario from SMB1
Brad: That's cool
Brad: I have a ton of legos.. I should make some vintage chars.
Shay: make mega man, and quick man
Brad: I think I'll take my time with it
Brad: I don't like getting in a hurry
Shay: hahahahahaha