Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Nobody stops a man carrying balloons."

Shay: more photos of me:
Brad: what
Shay: photos from the Cap 10k on Sunday
Brad: what were you running from that can't be dealt with via conventional means of mediation?
Shay: a BUNCH of people
Shay: it was scary
Brad: you shouldn't be around people
Brad: that would fix it
Shay: that's one solution
Brad: The other solution is to pay a group of swiss scientists to develop hummingbirds insect hybrids that only want to suck the eyeball juice out of your enemies, and sneak in under cover of darkness and set them upon your enemies.
Shay: but how would I transport them Brad?
Shay: that's the snag I keep running into with that plan
Brad: inside balloon,s obviously
Brad: nobody stops a man carrying balloons
Brad: and since they're humminbirds, they can just hover inside
Brad: think!
*Shay smacks his head so hard he dies instantly*
Shay: of course!
Brad: Except the other flaw in your plan is, if people sleep with sunglasses.
Shay: well no one would do that unless they wanted to keep track, keep track of the visions in their eyes.
Brad: Although once they get word that their cohorts in crime are waking up to a eyeball juice sucking proboscis lodged in their seein' holes, they're apt to stop their tomfoolery.
Shay: hmm
Shay: these are valid concerns.
Brad: ...
Brad: you should ... sleep on it
Shay: ...
*Brad plays a lullabye*
*Shay puts on sunglasses over the sunglasses he already has on*
Brad: NO
*Shay says a clever quip and then music by The Who plays*
Brad: that only angers them!
*Brad 's balloons all pop*

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