Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meat a?

Brad suggested, as he often does, that I am incorrect in pronouncing the prefix "meta" as "MAY-ta".

Shay: http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/document/index_tagsupp_14.html
Shay: "It turns out there are three common pronunciations: METT-uh, MAY-tuh, and MEE-tuh. Interestingly, many people feel that "their" way is the "right way" (that's human nature for you) and have never heard anyone pronounce it differently. In the end, any of the three is as correct as the others."
Shay: see, everyone is equally right
Shay: except the people saying MEE-tuh, who are clearly idiots.
Shay: or just hungry
Shay: ...for meat.
Brad: That's like how the indians had the perception that their god was a wolf who turned into an indian.
Shay: not really though
Brad: Shay, it's the fact that perception taints reality
Brad: If you observe an indian, it dies.
Brad: It's the heisenberg uncertainty principle
Shay: also I think this mythology you're quoting is from Twilight
Shay: except for the quantum mechanics part.
Brad: I haven't ever seen the movie twilight
Brad: If you pass an indian through a bose-einstein condensate, you can slow down light enough to sparkle a vampire.
Shay: now it all makes sense.

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