Thursday, August 19, 2010

X-Men Onited

Brad: one of the guys at lunch was nicknamed "fingers"
Brad: An animator
Shay: hmm
Brad: I don't know what.
Shay: they're these things on the end of your handstumps
Brad: why
Shay: that's what.
Shay: I don't know why we have them though, they just get chopped off
Shay: no matter what I do
Brad: what if your fingers grew like beaverteeth? And you were always having to gnaw the ends off
Shay: I think they do
Brad: oh, fingernails, right
Shay: you have those right?
Brad: somewhat
Shay: ...
Brad: but they're metal, like in that movie
Shay: X-Men 3?
Brad: and my blood is acid
Brad: no
Brad: alien resurrection
Shay: oh, right
Brad: They didn't even make an X-men 3
Shay: yes they did
Brad: so who's to say? there could be metalfingernailman in that movie
Shay: there was an angel in it, and some naked chick
Brad: that's #2
Shay: I was thinking of X-Men 2, it had a metalfingerwoman in it
Brad: xmen united
Brad: that's the wolverine movie
Brad: completely different
Shay: you either totally have these movies confused, or are trying to confuse me
Brad: Looks like it's time to prove you wrong again
Shay: in #2 Wolverine fights another admantium chick, she has long fingernails like his claws
Shay: in #3 there's the angel guy and the kid who robs people of their powers
Shay: and I've never seen the Wolverine movie but the girl with fingernails... probably isn't in it
Shay: Liev Schreiber is though, everyone told me I look exactly like him in that movie
Brad: In #2, there's an onion monster with a thirst for liquid blood, and in #3, they take a trip to the merry christmas.
Shay: hahaha
Shay: why specify liquid blood?
Brad: I didn't write it
Shay: hahahahahaha

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