Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Adventure #4: Don't sign off (feat. Jeremy)

Jeremy: system 359234
Brad: You wake up in a cave. To the north is a hospital, to the south is The valley of Crondium. To the East is a band of merry men. To the west is DENVER.
Jeremy: n
Brad: You approach the hospital, it is painted an odd color of green and lime green, with avocado accents. You enter the lobby and notice it is abandoned. Gurneys and cold war era medical equipment gather dust. In the corner is a flickering television monitor. Underneath the dust is some kind of image.
Jeremy: wipe dust
Brad: The dust. It clings to your body like spores... your central nervous system begins to succumb to the dust spore invasion, the image on the monitor is visible finally, perhaps it's a warning you should read?
*** "Jeremy" signed off at Tue Dec 23 15:09 2008.
Brad: ...
*** "Jeremy" signed on at Tue Dec 23 15:11 2008.
Brad: the dust is still invading your body.
Jeremy: read warning
*** "Jeremy" signed off at Tue Dec 23 15:12 2008.
*** "Jeremy" signed on at Tue Dec 23 15:19 2008.
Brad: You quickly look at the warning... "DON'T TOUCH THE DUST"
Brad: A shadow falls across you, and the biggest chigger you have ever seen begins eating you.
Jeremy: Wipe dust off hands
Brad: You have been eaten by chiggers. Game over.
Jeremy: Wow walk away from the laptop and you lose the game in a few turns..
Brad: Don't understand "off" which doesn't matter... you're dead anyway
Jeremy: Score
Brad: 1.894 out of 1429

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