Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Adventure #12: The Unbedding (feat. Katie)

Katie: sys32272
Brad: Loading
Brad: Welcome to Brad and Shay's Textellent Adventure. You are part of an archaeological exploration team. You are Deep within the caves below NEW YORK. You are in a large cavern, to the east is an ANCIENT DOOR. To the West is an EXCAVATED TOMB. To the North is a pathway leading up to the surface. To the south is a POOL.
Katie: go east
Brad: You stand before the ANCIENT DOOR. It seems to be locked. You lean against it and hear MASSIVE PURRING. On the floor is a KEY and a NOTE
Katie: read note
Katie: put key in door
Brad: You place the key in the door. A rustling sound beyond stops. Your flashlight dims.
Katie: walk toward sound
Brad: You can't do that.
Katie: check flashlight
Brad: It is a LIGHTOFANTASTICO Flashlight. Batteries may be dying, or it might be a literary device used to foreshadow coming SCARY EVENTS.
Katie: check batteries
Brad: batteries have become SELF AWARE. They drop to the floor ninja style, thankful to you for releasing them from their prison, but wary of your giant feet.
Katie: since you won't let me go where i wanna go west
Brad: Syntax Error
Katie: go west
Katie: you stupid computer
Brad: Syntax Error
Katie: go west
Katie: %^&%^@
Brad: Don't understand
Brad: You leave the door with the key in it, almost unlocked but not quite, and travel West to the EXCAVATED TOMB
Katie: no i don't lock door
Katie: lock door go west
Brad: As you walk away from the NEARLY UNLOCKED DOOR, you hear the rustling behind the door begin again, and UNBELIEVABLE PURRING commence. You walk toward the TOMB.
Katie: enter tomb
Brad: You enter the EXCAVATED TOMB of KING RHODODENDRON. You spy a SARCOPHAGUS shaped like a shoe, a GOLDEN GIRAFFE HAT, and an ancient SWORD OF TANGLES
Katie: pick up sword
Brad: You pick up the SWORD. It is heavy and bent.
Katie: pretend to be King Arthur with sword
Brad: Don't understand 'Arthur'
Katie: unbend sword with blacksmith tools
Brad: You haven't any tools
Katie: yes i do, unbed sword
Brad: You unbed the sword, it is sleepy, and grumpy after a long nap.
Katie: unbend!
Brad: syntax error
Katie: use sword
Brad: You bum $3.80 off the sword and convince it to go pick up your dry cleaning. When the sword asks your help moving a shelf, you conveniently are "busy"
Katie: this game is stupid end game
Katie: exit
Katie: MEH I don't like your game
Brad: Your score is 2.

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