Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adventure #13: Corrupted Savegame (feat. Dave A.)

Brad: Welcome to Brad and Shay’s Textellent Adventure corrupt savegame recovery utility. Please enter desired corrupt savegame in the form of a question.
Dave: What?
Brad: Riddle me this, DAVE, What do you call a mailman who lost his job?
Dave: a man
Brad: you are correct, and have LEVELED UP. Pleace choose your prize: A- EXTRA PANTS, B- SOLID GOLD DIAMONDS, C: UNKNOWN MAP O TREASURE.
Dave: A
Brad: You have been awarded extra pants. They are corduroy, and brown. They smell of mint and have a crackly energy about them.
Dave: the smithsonian made me a sandwich and i soiled my pants, so these mint flavored pantaloons should do the trick
Brad: Don’t understand ‘should’
Brad: You have known the pleasures of TARSDIIL the elder witch god of the plains. You may now summon GODZILLA.
Dave: summon Godzilla
Brad: You summon Godzilla to a tea party. He is angry, but too polite to risk BAD DIPLOMACY. You pass him the KENTUCKY NIGHTMARE WHISKY SHARK. You both are sitting at a pink table.
Dave: bad diplomacy
Brad: You poke GODZILLA in the soft underbelly with a FICUS TREE. You recieve 4000 damage from ANGERBLAST. You have died.
Brad: your score was 18 out of 500.
Brad: Runes uncovered: 12
Dave: damn

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