Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Adventure #8: Dekneed (feat. Marshall)

Brad: You are in a vast warehouse. To the East is the Mexican Space Shuttle. To the west is Camp Hate, to the north is the band GLASS PRISM. To the south is LARRY
Marshall: s
Brad: You approach LARRY the machete wielding albino dwarf. He deknees you. You now stand(sort of) without legs from the knees down.
Marshall: gather legs from ground
Brad: You add your legs to your inventory, among these are TACOS a BAG OF FUNIONS and the color GREEN
Marshall: attach tacos to knees where legs were
Brad: You graft the tacos to your kneesockets. Confetti and balloons fall from the ceiling as you have been awarded AMAZING TROPHY SHOVEL SOMBRERO surprise. You have found a secret level. Do you:
   A: Search for pudding
   B: Investigate missing dragon tamer
   C: Scream in pain because you are still losing blood as it trickles over your painfully inadequate taco feet
Marshall: A
Brad: As you walk along on your Taco feet, leaving a trail of seasoned beef and taco stuffins, you grope your way along a stone path, in a stone cave, a light at the end of the tunnel shows you have entered a cavernous cavern. IN the center, on a pedestal is the STATUE OF PUDDING.
Marshall: look at pudding statue
Brad: You examine the statue of pudding, it seems to be a metal figure draped in delicious, delicious pudding. The tasty treat bubbling up out of the top of the statue and globbing down as it passes the base of the pedestal. At the bottom of the statue is a MOOSE ANTLER.
Marshall: eat teh pudding
Brad: you reach out for the pudding but it is protected by a HOVERING KILLCHOPPER named CLAY. Clay asks you to CEASE AND DESIST ALL SQUARE DANCING IMMEDIATELY.
Marshall: ignore clay, since I wasn't dancing. Look for spoon to eat pudding.
Brad: At the base of the statue of pudding is MOOSE ANTLER. Hovering nearby is CLAY KILLCHOPPER. Banjo music wafts nostalgically through the thick swampy air.
Marshall: Take moose antler
Brad: You wrench the ancient MOOSE ANTLER from its perch low atop the throne of pudding. You feel instantly calmer, as the soft fuzzy coating warms your skin.
Marshall: Place funion rings on each point of moose antler, and give to clay
Brad: Don't understand RINGS
Marshall: Eat pudding.
Brad: Clay is angered by your attempts to eat his pudding. He floateth menacingly closer to thee.
Marshall: N
Brad: You hobble North to the precipice. Below is a bottomless pool. There is no lifeguard.
Marshall: call out for larry
Brad: Larry is in Level 1-1. You have been warped to level 7-nivelo.
Marshall: Eat funions
Brad: Your teeth destroy the peaceful funions, eating them, you reflect on the hollowness in your own life long after the loss of your legs. As you finish off the funions, you notice tendrils growing out of your stumpy taco legs. You now have TENTACLEFABULOUS.
Marshall: Rejoice in new tentacle status, and enter pool.
Brad: You dance a merry jig as you leap daintily into the pool. Immediately sinking to depths that should kill you. Your tentacle legs offering no swimming capabilities at all.
Brad: The pressures of the bottomless pool begin to crush your feeble body as you plummet to the center of the earth.
Marshall: Use moose antler
Brad: you use the MOOSE ANTLER to gouge a hole in your neck, releasing your precious life before the torture of being crushed to death by the soft chlorinated pool water destroys your mind.
Brad: You have died.
Brad: Score - 14 out of 76.9
Marshall: Eat pudding
Brad: Ghosts don't eat pudding.
Marshall: :(
Marshall: well I guess that's as good as i should expect
Brad: You did well, young adventurer
Brad: At least I didn't harvest your skin.

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