Monday, January 5, 2009

Developer's diary #2: a challenger approaches

Background: my friend Ryan has given me feedback on our textellent adventures, some of which did not sit well with Brad.

Shay: I passed some of your feedback on to Brad by the way
Shay: he challenged you to a game
Ryan: yes, I believe I was invited to be killed by chiggers
Shay: you may or may not be killed by chiggers.
Ryan: predicted transcript:
    me: SYS32592
    Brad: loading.......
    Brad: You have been eaten alive by chiggers.
Shay: It would be more like: "Welcome to Brad and Shay's you have been killed by chiggers. Score: -2000 out of -400000."
Ryan: hahaha
Ryan: I can't tell if "you have been killed by chiggers" is the title of the game
Ryan: or if it happened so fast it interrupted the title
Shay: it is a mystery
Ryan: I think both are funny
Ryan: I'll have to take brad up on his offer (to be eaten alive by chiggers)
Shay: I'll pass your acceptance along

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